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One Mistake (GG)

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Beitrag Titel: One Mistake (GG) Antworten mit Zitat

Ich weiß nicht, ob hier jemand daran interessiert ist. Der Sc ist sozusagen ein Probelauf, wenn es euch gefällt kann ich auch meine momentane FF hier posten. Allerdings ist beides auch auf fanfiction und daher englisch. Ich hoffe das stört nicht.
LG, Susu

Hello, my name is Alex Huntzberger. I’m the son of Lorelai Leigh Huntzberger and – no Logan isn’t my father. My father is Phineas Theodore Morgan. But he isn’t very much in my life, to be honest it’s close to nothing – he isn’t allowed to be there for me or even to be near me. My parents hate each other – or at least mom says so. I am sure it isn’t true. They avoid each other like the plague, but you can see it in their eyes, when they accidentally meet. They are in love, but they can’t be together. That’s because mom is Logan’s wife and dad is his best friend. So the one night they actually spent together and created me was labelled by them and Logan short after, it was nothing more than a drunken mistake.
Sometimes I hear mom cry, when she’s alone. She isn’t happy, hasn’t been for quite a time. Logan’s a bastard. He hates me just as much as I hate him, and though he says it, he doesn’t love mom either. He cheats on her and sometimes, when he’s really drunk, he even hits her. He goes to her and screams at her about dad and me and how she ruined his whole life. Then he hits her and she goes to bed, once again crying. I hate it when he does that to her, she isn’t a bad person. No, she is an angel. But the one night she actually spent in happiness just brought her pain.
Sometimes I meet dad, secretly of course, and then he tells me how desperately he wants to get me and mom away from Logan. He told me even ones how much he loves her, but he can’t do anything. I don’t really know what to do about it, I just want to see mom smile again. I got my blue eyes from her, but hers don’t shine anymore. She wants to get out as much as I want, but she isn’t strong enough to walk away. I –

Just then my mother interrupted me by coming into my room.
“Pack! And do it fast! Logan is going to kill me when he finds out, but I can’t take it anymore. Dad waits for us outside. He will take us away!”
Well maybe life isn’t as bad as it sometimes seems.
19.01.2008, 22:06
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